Rescheduling/Running Late

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that could force you to postpone/reschedule your procedure. Please understand that such changes affect not only the technician, but other clients as well, as we are generally booked about 3 weeks in advance. If you choose to reschedule your appointment, a minimum 24 hour advance notice is mandatory otherwise you will forfeit your full tattoo deposit or will be required to pay the following fees at your next appointment. 

50% on all Treatments incl. but not limited to: Tattoo Touch-Ups, Brow Lamination, Brow Sculpting, Lash Lifting etc. 

I am generous in my time allocations for appointments because I believe your face deserves the respect not to be rushed. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment you will more than likely be turned away and will forfeit your deposit. If you know you are going to be late please call in advance and I may be able to shuffle appointments to cater for the missed time, but not always. 

No Show

Any client that does not show for a scheduled appointment, will forfeit their deposit. 


A deposit is required to secure new all bookings – this will be deducted from the total treatment price payable on the day of the appointment. It is non-refundable but can be redeemed within 3 years of the original booking.


Second session touch ups - Touch ups are scheduled to ensure that we can get the best possible healed result., and this appointment will be booked before you leave the salon after your initial procedure. Your second visit for your brows needs to be performed 4-8 weeks after your initial appointment and the above policies will need to be adhered to. A $50 surcharge will incur if you need to book outside of this time frame.

If you can not have your touch up within 3 months - You will need to book back in for a first time appointment.

Third touch ups - to layer more colour/change shape need to be performed 6 weeks after your previous session. Appointments after this time frame will be booked as a second session.

Please note: If there are any blemishes, pimples, active cold sores, irritation of the skin of any kind, moles or other skin imperfections in or around the area of the procedure, we MAY not be able to go ahead with the appointment until the blemish or area of concern is gone or the mole is removed and healed. Please send photos if you are unsure.


Please contact us with any concerns prior to your appointment.