The below are rough time estimates as everyone heals differently and will retain a different amount of pigment hence why the perfection appointment in mandatory.

Day of the Procedure

Possible swelling may differ in each brow, there may be redness and tightness.

'I love my new brows but it doesn't like me...' The brain can take some time getting used to something different

Days 2-7

Scabs have formed, brows look super dark and may be itchy. No picking during this period as it will remove the pigment before it gets a chance to bond properly. Swelling might vary on each side - just relax and trust in the healing process.

Days 7 to 21

'Scabs have fallen off, it's patchy! There's no colour left or it's way lighter'. No need to panic - this is normal healing and you can use pencil or powder to fill in any areas which you might feel self-conscious about until the colour returns.

Days 21-28

Skin has nearly/fully completed the healing process - 'Ah, there's my soft natural brows back'. Your perfection visit will be just around the corner where adjustments can be made on any areas that might not have healed as well.

*If you suffer from any nervous or anxiety disorders please consider carefully if this is something for you as the process takes a good 6 weeks to be completed and can be an anxious wait as the treatment is not perfected until after healing of the touch-up