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tina davies


Cosmetic tattooing/Permanent Make Up techniques have been used to enhance and correct facial and body features for centuries in the east and decades in the west. Techniques have since been developed to create natural results with minimum complications. Cosmetic tattooing can be used to enhance, correct, camouflage and re-shape features to help you look your possible best.

Initially, cosmetic tattoos just like conventional body tattoos used manual techniques that would “tap” needles dipped in dye into the skin. This method although effective, consumes a lot of time and is more painful for the client. Also, manual cosmetic tattooing techniques did not allow for some of the effects modern technology can now create.

Cosmetic tattooing procedures now involve an electrical tattoo pen, that automatically and rapidly insert dye in to the skin using needles. This way consistency in the depth of the insertion is insured, thus resulting in an even, natural look. Inks/dyes have also come a long way in cosmetic tattooing, They tend to be more sympathetic to the skin and facial tones and fade without discolouration.

Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic tattooing is a permanent procedure. It is a common misconception that it is a semi-permanent procedure. Cosmetic tattoos tend to fade more and quicker than body tattoos, this is due to the fact that they are inserted at different depths, more subtle tones are used and they are located on the face, which is constantly exposed to the harsh environment. Because they will fade and touch-ups will be required (if even every five years) people tend to call them semi-permanent. 


Having recently relocated back to Perth, Sarah has been operating her own successful cosmetic tattoo salon in Darwin for the past few years, performing hundreds of beauty enhancing treatments on her Clients.


Sarah undertook training in microblading in Brisbane in 2015 which then followed on to fundamental training in machine brows, lips and eyeliner with one of Australia's most sought after technicians, Andrea Darby in Melbourne.  She has since attended several masterclass's by some of Australia's top permanent make-up educators, including Georgie Westley at Distinctive Features in Melbourne and Donna Moody-Martin at Australia Cosmetic Tattoo College in Perth to perfect her technique and further her knowledge in the field. With more training lined up for 2019, Sarah believes that continuous learning and upskilling is the only way to offer her Clients the very best in the business.


Sarah prides herself on being a perfectionist and holds all of her work to a very high standard. Sarah believes in creating bespoke designs that both perfectly enhance your features and meet your desired expectations. Transforming an entire look can be so easily done with a perfectly shaped brow or a perfectly placed contour.

Eyebrows define our expressions as well as our personalities. Most of us have unsymmetrical eyebrows which dispositions your face.


When your eyebrows are measured according to the symmetry of your face, we can identify where your eyebrows are going wrong and fix them on the spot!